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Features of our Home Ice Cream Maker

This Home Ice Cream Maker now makes it not labor-intensively any more for icecream making at home. It is an automatic electric ice cream maker making a batch of homemade icecream within 30 minutes only. This homemade ice cream maker is a necessary residential machine for household frozen dessert making. This small & compact tabletop home ice cream maker has the following features:
Household Icecream Machine Control Panel

1. This self-contained home ice cream machine is equipped with two bowls. Stainless-steel outer bowl for making back-to-back batches. Removable interior bowl for easy storage and cleaning 
2. The transparent lid on the top of the machine makes it easy to monitor the progress of your dessert and add ingredients
3. You do not need to freeze the bowl for hours in a freezer in advance, this portable ice cream maker has a built-in freezer. This built-in refrigeration function gives much convenience.
4. Digital timer of 10,30,40,50 minutes to choose different operating time according to your preferred taste. And this home ice cream maker automatically stopped after the icecream made. No worry any more to check the operating status now.
5. If no one seems to serve the icecream or turns off the machine, this home ice cream maker automatically enters into a ¡°Extended Cooling¡± status to keep the icecream already made not defrosted. 
6. Break off Operation: You can stop the icecream machine by pressing the STOP button whenever the machine is running. 
7. Adding Time Operation: When the preset time of 30 minutes finishes, you can restart the machine by selecting continuous operating time to add chilling for your the perfect taste. Now soft or firm texture, it's up to you.

Use the home ice cream maker to discover the best icecream you¡¯ve ever tasted¡ªmade in your own kitchen! 

household cream machine enjoy homemade cream
1. Add the prepared recipe ingredients into the removable bowl. 
2. Choose the operating time you want and press the START button. The home ice cream maker will automatically to finish the whole icecream making process
3. After 30 minutes when the icecream making machine stop, the incredible homemade icecream is now ready to serve

Advantages of the home ice cream maker

Use this amazing home ice cream maker and now you can make icecream batch after batch and serve your guests at home never running out of fresh icecream, sorbet, sherbet, frozen drinks, frozen yogurt, frozen custard or fresh frozen desserts etc. at party.  It makes up to 1.5-quarts in just 30 minutes. And most importantly it is a Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker.  This is a China-made ice-cream machine. So you take the cost advantage than the Italy-made Delonghi,Gelatiera,Magimix or others.  Our automatic home ice cream maker is with RoHS compliance for European countries. Send inquiry to us now.  Get the technical specification of the Household/ Home Ice Cream Maker here.  For more information about other commercial ice cream machines, check Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, Hard Ice Cream Machine & Ice-Cream Cone Maker. Check the full model list of Ice Cream Makers.
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