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Modular Walk-in Cooler & Walk-in Freezer Cold Room Features

Standard Size Walk-in Cooler & Freezer Cold Room

1. Various size of cold room with different capacity & storage temperature available

Modular cold room is a new cold store & walk-in refrigeration warehouse plant with various standard dimension sizes.  The storage capacity of the modular walk-in cooler and modular walk in freezer may be specified or selected according to customer's requirements. The storage temperature of the walkin cold storage room is displayed and controlled by digital thermostat for precise control temperature and temperature adjustment to achieve the utmost energy efficiency and perfect storage of food. We are a professional Chinese manufacturer, designer and supplier of walkin cold store equipment, walk-in cool room, mobile refrigerated chamber, walk-in refrigeration warehouse, movable refrigerated warehouse, cold storage warehouse, cold storage system, cold storage plant, cold chain logistics system, cool chain system & industrial refrigeration machines for wide range of industries like food service, catering, restaurant, food chain store, butchery, medical pharmacy, bakery, hospital, farm fresh & frozen poultry meat storage, vegetable & fruit warehouse storage, slaughter, cold chain logistics industry , supermarket, chemical, construction, mortuary, laboratory and floral farm & flower shop etc. which require the use of walk in refrigeration equipment & machinery.

Modular Cold Room of Walk-in Cooler & Freezer

2. Easily assembled cold room polyurethane panel

The joint of the polyurethane insulation prefab cold room panel are made with tongue and groove edges and are locked together with cam lock design fasteners. The prefabrication cold room panel and other refrigeration system parts of the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer chamber are shipped by knocked down uninstalled method to customers. This saves much freight cost for the modular cold-room transportation. When the unassembled cold room arrives, users can easily assemble and install the cold rooms by themselves. Or when users want to move the walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer to another place, the cold room panels of the mobile cold room chamber can be easily disassembled with a hex wrench and re-installed. Cold room installation & un-installation is just so simple!

Cold Room Cam Lock

Cold Room Joint

Walk-in Cooler & Freezer Cam Lock Walk-in Freezer & Cooler Gasket

3. Powerful, efficient & stable condensing unit/fan Coil units

  * Modular cold room, accurate, fewer moving parts. Unique Copeland compressor design guarantees the super reliability of both walk-in cooler cold room & walk-in freezer cold room
  * Flexible, Energy saving & Low noise cool room and freezer room operation
  * Low vibration, space and weight saving
  * Our cold room can be used in different ambient temperature

Condensing Unit

Fan Blower Type Evaporator Unit

Customized Walk-in Freezer & Cooler Cold Room

Customized cold room of walk-in coolers & walk-in freezers is made of prefab modular fabrication with polyurethane insulation cold room slab. Customer can easily assemble & combine cold rooms with different length, width and height. The prefabricated cold room panels are made of different dimensions which makes it quite flexible for constructing different sizes of cold store machinery and cold storage plant.  The prefabrication modular design gives easy assembly and disassembly of the refrigerated cold storage wareshouse. All cold store equipment panels of our walk-ins are injected with 100% high density polyurethane with an average density of 40kg/m3 firmly glued to the metal.  And various customized cold-room interior & exterior metal finishes available to meet customers' specific requirements. And the refrigerated storage temperature of the walkin cooler & walkin freezer cold storage room can be customized from refrigerating temperature of up above 10 for cool room and to the freezing temperature of lower than -25 for freezer room for the refrigeration storage and frozen storage of different types of foods like vegetable, fruit, beverage, drink, meat, medicine, pharmaceutical material or other chilled or frozen food and chemical materials.  Our walk-ins are widely used in restaurants, butcheries, pharmacies, bakeries, hospitals, mortuaries, laboratories and flower shops.

1. Optional interior & exterior coldroom metal finish

We have different metal sheets for options for the inside/outside finish of wall panel, ceiling panel and floor panel:
A. Stucco embossed aluminum sheet cold room cabinet metal surface
B. Stainless steel sheet cold room cabinet metal surface
C. Pre-painted galvanized mild steel sheet (Pre-coated color bond galvanized mild steel sheet) cold room cabinet metal surface
D. Standard floor panels-interior 0.5mm zinc painted steel sheet + exterior pre-painted galvanized mild steel sheet cold room cabinet metal surface   

Metal Finish of Cold Room

2. Standard Cold Room Accessories

   Door Switch    Door Closer     Door Lock      Door Hinge

3. Optional Walk-in Cooler & Freezer fittings

Dial Thermometer Cold Room Light Fixture Strip Curtain Pressure Relief Vent

4. Cold Room Panel Locking method

Each cold room panel consists a tongue and groove construction with cam lock design and can be tightened by a number of excentric fasteners which may be unscrewed easily with a hexagonal key.  

5. Walk-in Cooler & Freezer Cold Room Door Sizes

We have both hinged cold room door and sliding cold room door for your choices for different walk-in cold storage refrigerated warehouses. Standard hinged door size for the walk in cooler and walkin freezer cold room is 803mm(W) x 1900mm(H). The standard door is made of  polyurethane foam panel with standard covering with white galvanized sheets, hinge with 90stop and stainless steel kick plate (protection blade) 30 cm height on both sides (internal / external) and PVC crash bumbers. Cold room doors have same finish and thickness as that of the wall & ceiling with removable magnetic gaskets, wiper gaskets on bottom, door heats complete with door closers. Hinges and cylinder locks with interior safety lever turn release handles and pressure port for escape safety in case of urgency someone is locked inside the cold storage room. Sliding cold room doors are available with different dimension from 900mm to 3000mm width and from 1800mm to 3000mm height. The sliding door is made of polyurethane foam panel with stainless steel sheets with French guiding rack and safety escape device in case of lock urgency. Both manual sliding cold room door and automatic motorized sliding cold room door are available.    Cold room door thickness of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm are available for different size of cold store & cold storage warehouse & plant & supermarket reach-in display cooler & refrigerator showcase.

Cold Room Doors

Project Samples of Refrigerated Warehouse, Cold Storage Plant

We have much project experience to supply and install walk-in refrigerated warehouse, cold storage warehouse & cold storage plant with various small size to large size up to more than 50,000 Ton.  And we can customize design & manuafcture larger size of refrigerated cold storage plant & cold chain system. Below is the project sample pictures of two refrigerated warehouses. One refrigerated warehouse is with positive temperature made for vegetable market for the cold storage of vegetable, fruit, potato, beverage, etc. The other refrigerated cold storage warehouse is made for meat processing food plant.     
High Temperature Walk-in Cooler Refrigerated Warehouse for Cold Storage of Vegetale,Fruit,Potato,etc. Low Temperature Walk-in Freezer Refrigerated Warehouse for Cold Storage of Meat,Fast Frozen Food,Seafood,Fish,etc.
Refrigerated Cold Storage Warehouse for Vegetable, Fruit Refrigerated Cold Storage Warehouse for Meat Processing Plant, Frozen Food
As a professional Chinese designer & producer of refrigerated warehouse of walk-in fridge of both walk-in cooler & walk-in freezer, we design and produce many cold storage warehouse plant projects in China.  Besides the modular cold room project in China, we also supply & export our cold storage warehouse & modular walk-in fridge cold room sandwich panel to many other countries.  The modular cold room plant can be customized on the size of length, width, height and also wide range of positive and negative cold storage temperature.  
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Download Walk-in Cooler & Freezer Cold Room Plant & Refrigerated Cold Storage Warehouse Instruction Manual.pdf
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