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Dragon Cold Storage Rooms of Walk-in Freezer and Blast Freezer with SONCAP Certificate Have Been Exported to Nigeria

Date: 15-NOV-2013

Two sets cold storage rooms of walk -in freezer and blast freezer both with size 9x7x3 meters have obtained SONCAP CoC certificate and were shipped to Nigeria on  3-NOV-2013 by Dragon Enterprise Co., Ltd. These two cold storage rooms are the second shipment that we manufacture to supply to our Nigerian poultry farm customer. The poultry farm customer ordered  in 2007 the first cold room of walk-in freezer size 6.6x5.5x2.8 meters for the frozen storage of chicken meat. And customer is very satisfied on the high quality and consistent & stable operation of this walk-in freezer room. So they decided to order two more sets of poultry meat walk-in freezer at -25 storage temperature and blast freezer at -30 storage temperature for the new business expansion. The panels of these two units of cold storage rooms is embossed aluminum polyurethane insulation sandwich cold room panel. And the walk-in freezer and blast freezer condensing units of the refrigeration system is world famous high quality Bitzer brand dual grade air-cooled condenser unit and Copeland brand semi-hermetic air-cooled condenser unit. The cold room fan coil units are high quality fan coil evaporator units (Aluminum fin and copper tube) with electric defrost device. Our walk-in cold room factory has been manufacturing the walk-in refrigerated warehouses of walk-in cooler & freezer for over 20 years. As a professional China Walk-in cooler & freezer manufacturer, we will continue to produce high quality cold storage warehouse walk-ins to our overseas clients in Nigeria and other countries.

From April 2013, all walk-in cold storage warehouse equipments have been listed in the Regulated Product List of Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) Conformity Assessment Program (SONCAP). And this new SONCAP rule since April 2013 has become very complicated to ensure that imported products meet the specifications of acceptable standards for the protection of Nigerian consumers from unsafe and substandard finished products. Each shipment to be imported to Nigeria requires inspection, consignment testing to applicable standards. The scheme of SONCAP Procedures entails two mandatory processes of verification of product quality to meet specified standards such as NIS, International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) and approved standards of other Nations among others. The processes are:

• Product Certificate
• Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
• SONCAP Certification (SC)

After 1 month of the application procedures, this shipment of walk-in cold storage rooms of walk-in freezer and blast freezer was inspected and loaded on 31-OCT-2013. And our customer is very satisfied to see the shipment was made.

nigeria-cold-storage-room-loading-panels nigeria-cold-storage-room-loading-refrigeration-units
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